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Rockland Community Foundation Sets Up COVID-19 Virus Community Crisis Grant

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New York State Executive Order

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced he is signing the "New York State on PAUSE" executive order, a 10-point policy to assure uniform safety for everyone. It includes a new directive that all non-essential businesses statewide must close in-office personnel functions effective at 8PM on Sunday, March 22. Guidance on essential services under the executive order is as follows:

ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES OR ENTITIES, including any for profit or non-profit, regardless of the nature of the service, the function they perform, or its corporate or entity structure, are not subject to the in-person restriction.

Essential Businesses must continue to comply with the guidance and directives for maintaining a clean and safe work environment issued by the Department of Health


This guidance is issued by the New York State Department of Economic Development d/b/a Empire State Development and applies to each business location individually and is intended to assist businesses in determining whether they are an essential business and steps to request such designation. With respect to business or entities that operate or provide both essential and non-essential services, supplies or support, only those lines and/or business operations that are necessary to support the essential services, supplies, or support are exempt from the restrictions. 

For purposes of Executive Order 202.6, "Essential Business," means:

1. Essential Health Care Operations, Including:

  • research and laboratory services

  • hospitals

  • walk-in-care health facilities

  • emergency veterinary and livestock services

  • elder care

  • medical wholesale and distribution

  • home health care workers or aides for the elderly

  • doctor and emergency dental

  • nursing homes, or residential health care facilities or congregate care facilities

  • medical supplies and equipment manufacturers and providers

2. Essential Infrastructure, Including:

  • utilities including power generation, fuel supply and transmission

  • public water and wastewater

  • telecommunications and data centers

  • airports/airlines

  • transportation infrastructure such as bus, rail, or for-hire vehicles, garages

  • hotels, and places of accommodation

3. Essential Manufacturing, Including:

  • food processing, manufacturing agents, including all foods and beverages

  • chemicals

  • medical equipment/instruments

  • pharmaceuticals

  • sanitary products

  • telecommunications

  • microelectronics/semi-conductor

  • agriculture/farms

  • household paper products

4. Essential Retail, Including:

  • grocery stores including all food and beverage stores

  • pharmacies

  • convenience stores

  • farmer's markets

  • gas stations

  • restaurants/bars (but only for take-out/delivery)

  • hardware and building material stores

5. Essential Services, Including:

  • trash and recycling collection, processing and disposal

  • mail and shipping services

  • laundromats

  • building cleaning and maintenance

  • child care services

  • auto repair

  • warehouse/distribution and fulfillment

  • funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries

  • storage for essential businesses

  • animal shelters

6. News Media

7. Financial Institutions, Including:

  • banks

  • insurance

  • payroll

  • accounting

  • services related to financial markets

8. Providers of Basic Necessities to Economically Disadvantaged Populations, Including:

  • homeless shelters and congregate care facilities

  • food banks

  • human services providers whose function includes the direct care of patients in state-licensed or funded voluntary programs; the care, protection, custody and oversight of individuals both in the community and in state-licensed residential facilities; those operating community shelters and other critical human services agencies providing direct care or support

9. Construction, Including:

  • skilled trades such as electricians, plumbers 

  • other related construction firms and professionals for essential infrastructure or for emergency repair and safety purposes

10. Defense

  • defense and national security-related operations supporting the U.S. Government or a contractor to the US government

11. Essential Services Necessary to Maintain the Safety, Sanitation and Essential Operations of Residences or Other Essential Businesses, Including:

  • law enforcement

  • fire prevention and response

  • building code enforcement

  • security

  • emergency management and response

  • building cleaners or janitors

  • general maintenance whether employed by the entity directly or a vendor

  • automotive repair

  • disinfection

12. Vendors that Provide Essential Services or Products, Including Logistics and Technology Support, Child Care and Services:

  • logistics

  • technology support for online services

  • child care programs and services

  • government owned or leased buildings

  • essential government services

If the function of your business is not listed above, but you believe that it is essential or it is an entity providing essential services or functions, you may request designation as an essential business.

Houses of worship are not ordered closed however it is strongly recommended no congregate services be held and social distance maintained. 

Businesses and entities that provide other essential services must implement rules that help facilitate social distancing of at least six feet.

Requests by businesses to be designated an essential function as described above, should only be made if they are NOT covered by the guidance.

To request designation as an essential business, please click here.

Restrictions on requesting designation as an essential business:

Any business that only has a single occupant/employee (i.e. gas station) has been deemed exempt and need not submit a request to be designated as an essential business.

Businesses ordered to close on Monday, March 15, 2020 under the restrictions on any gathering with 50 or more participants, including but not limited to, bars, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, casinos, auditoriums, concerts, conferences, worship services, sporting events, and physical fitness centers, are presumed to be compliant with NYS issued restrictions and must remain closed and are not eligible for designation as an essential business for purposes of this guidance.


For Guidance on cleaning and disinfection of facilities, refer to the New York State Department of Health Interim Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfection of Public and Private Facilities for COVID -19 HERE

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Webpage can be found HERE.

Local health department contact information can be found HERE


Given the current state of our community related to the COVID-19 virus, the Pearl River Chamber of Commerce must make some difficult decisions. By recommendations from County, State and Federal agencies, the Board of Directors and Officers have decided  it is in the best interest of our community to cancel any and all Chamber related functions until further notice. Included in this is cancellation is the Easter Egg Hunt, Membership Meetings, Networking Events, etc. We will hold a review of conditions in 30 days to evaluate whether the activities suspension should continue for additional time, or if we can resume business as normal.

Further, as additional directives are provided to us, we are aware they may significantly impact our community. We understand decisions are being made quickly; however given the rapid changes occurring, we feel this all needs to be addressed immediately to be most effective in dampening potential challenges. We are trying to gather and centralize as much information as we can. Your responses will not only help with keeping our community informed, it may also help build a contingency plan to aid in managing the current situation. Please complete the following short survey HERE and return it as quickly as possible.

Business Resources 
In an attempt to keep you up to date, please see the information below.  We have been working with the Regional and Rockland SBDC which is also disseminating information so we reach as many places as possible. NYS and the Federal government are finalizing details to enable the disaster relief program.  Once that happens, the Rockland Regional Center SBDC (see Tom Morley’s office contact information below) will be setting electronic appointments to assist businesses with their paperwork.  In the meantime, businesses can go to to “request an appointment” which will get them started with the SBDC and help speed things up a bit when the programs begin.

Disaster Assistance
Disaster Preparedness Factsheet (English | Spanish)
Disaster Mitigation Factsheet (English | Spanish)
Disaster Assistance Loans: Businesses & Nonprofits (English | Spanish)
Disaster Assistance Loans: Homeowners & Renters (English | Spanish)
Disaster Assistance Loans: Community Impact (English | Spanish)

Please see SBA updated information for business HERE.

You can also check HERE for NYS updates and HERE for the federal SBA office.

*Please note, although not all businesses will qualify for these specific programs, there is other SBA assistance that is always available.

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